Can I use any door for a pocket door?

Is there a special type of door needed for a pocket door, or will any door work?

This is a question I’ve heard often, the answer is yes, you can use any door as a pocket door.

The only things I’d watch out for are:

1. Make sure that it’s not warped, otherwise it may rub on the pocket frame.

2. Make sure it’s an interior door. Exterior doors are 1 3/4″ thick, interior doors are 1 3/8″ thick. The exceptions to this are if you are building the wall, rather than retrofitting, then you could build in a pocket that will accommodate the thicker door. Just make sure that your hardware will handle the additional weight of the thicker door.

See my post on retrofitting a pocket door into an existing wall for more pocket door info.

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2 Responses to Can I use any door for a pocket door?

  1. Kirt Williams says:

    is there any weight restrictions on pocket door

    • Mark Cool says:

      Hi Kirt,

      Manufacturers make a variety of pocket door kits for different weight ranges. If you go on the Johnson site for example, they will tell you how much weight each set will support. Just weigh your door, and buy your kit accordingly.


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