Roaches- ugh!

How to get rid of cockroaches:

1. Boric acid. This seems to be the most recommended, most effective killer of roaches.

It’s available for a few bucks at garden stores and feed stores. Get the 99% boric acid powder with the applicator tip. Dust the areas where you apply it lightly. Roaches will walk around drifts, like we walk around snowdrifts. Roaches track through this and it sticks to them, they ingest it while trying to clean it off. They’ll carry it back to the nest and it should eliminate your roaches in 1-3 weeks. Under cabinets and sinks, behind frig and stove, in corners and along the line where wall and floor meet

2. Baits- In heavier infestations, baits are good to try to knock down the population quickly. The ones I used recently had a liquid feeding station with a poison that the roaches ingest and take back to the nest. Roaches eat their own and their fellows’ feces and vomit, so it gets the other roaches too. The garden supply or feed store should have a few types.

3. Borax- 20 mule team Borax is available in the detergent section of the grocery store for a few bucks. The recommended method is to mix it 4-1-1 with flour and cocoa powder. The roaches ingest it eating the food part, and die. You sprinkle this around as with Boric acid. Sprinkle in corners and edges where walls and floors meet. This is where roaches travel.

4. Seal up wall and floor cracks and penetrations. Use spray foam, caulk, and even steel wool to block off potential entryways for roaches.

5. Be sure to cover the kitchen and bathrooms with baits and/or dust. Roaches can go much longer without food than they can without water. Put baits or powders where they’ll come looking for water.

6. Sanitation Keep food scraps and garbage out of site. Don’t give them a food source.

7. Cardboard- They lay eggs in cardboard. If you have cardboard boxes lying around, get rid of them.

Helpful articles on roaches and getting rid of them:

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